Buying Meat, The VA, Glengarry Glen Ross

Buying Meat, The VA, Glengarry Glen Ross

May 10, 2017 Justin Charnell

Buying meat Sometimes you have to know when you find a deal and when you might just be getting scammed. I’m staying with young Josh Krause for the summer, and we needed some meat for those protein gains. Instead of going to the store every three days to replenish our depleted supply, we decided to [CONTINUE READING]


Not Reading, Getting Craig’d, Ron English

April 25, 2017 Justin Charnell

Not Reading Is there possibly a bigger relationship deal breaker than when someone tells you they do not read? I mean, besides being rude to restaurant staff, smoking heroin, not having a sense of humor, flaking, smelling bad, having no aspirations, being bad at spelling, being a liar, or being a terrorist. Shit’s not a [CONTINUE READING]


Politics and Comedy, Gatekeepers, Future Funk

April 15, 2017 Justin Charnell

Politics and Comedy The worst bit in comedy is anything political, especially when specials are being filmed. I was watching a throwback special, by a certain Katt Williams: It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin. One of his first bits was him going on about how Bush was as the president and how Hillary Clinton couldn’t hold down ol’ [CONTINUE READING]


Suddenly, I’m a Merch by Amazon Influencer

November 29, 2016 Justin Charnell

Who thought it would be as easy as putting out a video basically bashing the platform and getting a few hundred views in a few days? So far I’ve received Offers for collaboration videos Free subscription to Merch Informer, reviewed here Some sort of browser extension that I’m not going to use …and just today [CONTINUE READING]


Put In The Work

September 13, 2016 Josh Krause

Instant gratification! With being a personal trainer and working at a nutritional supplement store I get a lot of people talking about a quick fix or the fast lane to success. I have a wedding in six or I need to lose 20lbs by the end of the month. Are you fucking high? How do [CONTINUE READING]

stop turning adult into a verb adulting

Stop Turning the Word Adult into a Verb

July 6, 2016 Justin Charnell

Let’s cut to the chase. If you use the word “adulting”, whether serious or in jest, you should probably just try growing the fuck up. Go on Twitter and search for the word adulting. Do you know what I see when I do it? A whole bunch of goobers thinking that their lives are hard [CONTINUE READING]

make fun of people and make them cry

Yes, It Is Okay to Make Fun of Things

June 8, 2016 Justin Charnell

So for the first time in a month, I hopped on the ol’ PS4 and one of the free games of the month was [easyazon_link identifier=”B00XWE54CU” locale=”US” tag=”onyxdefiant-20″]NBA 2k16[/easyazon_link]. As a sidenote, I don’t watch basketball and don’t know the dynamics of basketball. I have no idea what I’m doing in the game. The only thing [CONTINUE READING]

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