Using Amazon KDP for Lead Generation by Re-Purposing Content

So you have these articles, and they’re ranking for a few keywords each. You’re getting that juicy organic traffic. But you want more. You want to spread the word about your website, and what better way than to get your content on Amazon. Getting your content on Amazon is fairly easy to do yourself, or … Read more

The Wolf of Skate Street


See those wooden sticks with bristles? They’re called brooms. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about these brooms. They’re not going to sweep themselves. Okay? Without you, they’re just worthless hunks of fibers. Like a loaded 30 rack without a trained Marine to shotgun too many. And in the case of the … Read more

Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant

marine lieutenant donny o'malley operation branding iron part 2.1a

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”1943979006″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”onyxdefiant-20″ width=”312″]Do you want a real life glimpse into what it’s like being a Marine? Not just any Marine, but Marine Lieutenant Donny O’Malley. This is a no frills book about what it’s really like to be a grunt. You might have Marine friends who’ve told you stories about … Read more

Fiction Versus Nonfiction and Self-Publishing

fiction versus nonfiction selfpublishing

What is the difference between self-publishing fiction and nonfiction? Assuming you’re outsourcing and doing no marketing outside of releasing the next book, there is a huge difference between fiction and nonfiction sales over time. I like to call fiction a firework and nonfiction a candle. For fiction, you get a huge amount of sales in … Read more

Small Business or No Business

PASSION OVER INTELLIGENCE “Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror after you’ve gotten up just write or just put it in lipstick or whatever you want: ‘DELIGHT MY CUSTOMER’ not ‘SATISFY MY CUSTOMER’ Thanks, Warren Buffet That was the last thing I read last night before the lights went out for the evening. Or … Read more

Review: The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield

warrior ethos by steven pressfield

Wars Change, Warriors Don’t [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”193689100X” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”onyxdefiant-20″ width=”313″]The Warrior Ethos is a very fast read. I read it in its entirety in about half an hour. It essentially summed up the five years I spent in the Marine Corps in 90 pages, from living under shit conditions to eating bad food … Read more

Don’t Kid Yourself, You’re Shallow

Typical minimum wage worker upset about their life

I was sitting on the couch talking with Justin, he pulls up a podcast with a husband and wife having an argument over if people are shallow. Of course, this had me little heated because everyone is shallow. You pick the people you want in your life because you are shallow. You judge people based … Read more