The Cold Contact Form Template

So as stated in the post about dropping my first digital course, I brought up that I managed to talk to a few affiliate marketers that would be willing to be affiliates/joint ventures for my new product.

Honestly, I don’t know how many didn’t websites I ended up messaging, but it was somewhere between 10 and 15. Of those, two got back to me and joined the team to promote.

How did I manage to get into contact with those people?

Their website’s Contact page.

That’s it! I knew of multiple websites in my niche, so I went to those first. After those were messaged, I did an easy Google search for keywords the product pertained to and messaged those webmasters as well.

How long did this take? About 30 minutes. 30 minutes to gain two new product promoters. Only time will tell how this will play out in the long run.

Oh, and how did I get to so many websites quickly? I used the template below.

Hey [name if you have it],

I have another blog in the [niche] space and just dropped a new product called [your product], a guide on [what your product is about] and so on.

Since you’re one of the bigger websites in the [niche] resource space, I was wondering if this would be something you would be interested in becoming an affiliate for? I would be willing to do a 50% affiliate commission with you.

Right now the product is being sold on [website name] for [price] and [any additional information…conversion rate, sales so far since release, anything to make it sound like a product worth promoting].

If this is something that interests you, please email me back with your preferred email account and I can send you an invitation.

The sales page can be found here [link to sales page].

Thank you,

[If you’ve been promoting their product as well] P.S. Your course is awesome, I’ve been promoting it for a bit now and have never had any complaints.

That was the template I used when messaging potential partners. It’s simple, to the point, and is easy to copy from one contact form to another.

Obviously change it to fit your needs, but for the most part, that’s about all you need to start with.

What I would have done differently

When I sent out those messages, it was about 10:30 at night and I just did it on a whim. I thought what’s the worse that can happen? What if I get 0 replies? Oh well, it’s not like I can be too embarrassed as we’re not meeting face to face.

Here’s how I’ll prep the next time I start cold contacting websites:

  1. Make a list of websites before submitting requests

That’s it. By making an excel spreadsheet, I could include as much information as needed to streamline the sending process. Names, important selling points, links to the contact page/email addresses and websites name. I would also be able to vet any websites operated by the same webmaster, to make sure the person only received my offer one time.

Once you launch your product, go out and hustle to find people to sell it for you. Go from the affiliate marketer to the affiliate manager.

Big dawgs gotta pivot