Generating Niche Website Traffic with YouTube

Moment of clarity today when it comes to using YouTube to generate traffic to my new niche website. Long story short, take your long videos and turn them into short videos.

For those that don’t know, one of my methods of getting traffic to my website is by creating YouTube videos based on the articles already written.

Before I would go through the entire article and create one long ass 10+ minute video and that would be it. Now, I’m going to still be making those long ass 10+ minute videos, but I’m also going to be chopping them up, headline by headline, to create even more content.

In the example I used in the YouTube video about this, I talked about a fictional article about chocolate covered espresso beans. (Don’t steal my secret niche, please. I’m making $10k/day with it)

Say one of my pillar articles is Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. 1,500 words of information.

That’s my long ass 10+ minute video.

In addition to that video, I’ll take every H2 headline and create another video for that section of the post. Now I’ll have the main video, as well as

  • How many calories are in a pound of chocolate covered espresso beans
  • How much caffeine is in chocolate covered espresso beans
  • What are the health benefits of chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Best flavors of chocolate covered espresso beans
  • …yada yada yada

The list goes on. Of course, that example is horrible, but you get the idea. From one piece of content, the article, we’ve created a number of keyword rich and search engine optimized videos that answer a very specific question.

That’s money.

Don’t forget to link back to your website in the description. I use to track clicks from different videos to track what sort of uploads are generating the most traffic and find a way to cater to those people.

Big dawgs gotta repurpose