How to Get Free Traffic (or Create a New Product) Repurposing Content

Alright, check this out.

So that glorious niche website I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, I’m experimenting a lot. Someone somewhere gave me the idea to repurpose content for other uses.

What does that mean, to repurpose content? Basically, if you write a blog post, you also make a YouTube video about the same content, and a powerpoint slideshow, and yadda yadda yadda.

In fact, a few months before this post I made a YouTube video talking about his (pardon the incredibly low volume).

Hell, the niche website started from taking an old ebook I wrote and breaking it down!

Anyways, here’s what I did for the niche website as a way of taking the old content and making it fresh again.

Find similar posts

Go through your archives, and find posts that are very similar to each other and talk about the same subjects. For the sake of this post, we’re going to assume you have articles written or videos made.

You should have at least 5 posts or videos that could fit together well.

Also, at least 3,000 words or 30 minutes of content. That way you have a juicy cache of content you can pull from. Is that number concrete? No.

When I did it the first time for the niche website, I found my 10 favorite/best articles that could be formatted into a beginner’s guide, and those were my similar posts.

Find out what you want to create

You already have what you need to create something, now it’s just a matter of creating it. For the niche website and because of my prior endeavors, an ebook made the most sense.

Go with what you know first, and once that’s out, try something new. The hard part is over, now it’s just a matter of making that information beautiful.

If you have absolutely never done anything besides write blog posts or make YouTube videos, here are a number of ideas to make something fresh:

  • Guides
  • eBooks
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Slideshow
  • Blog posts
  • Infographic
  • Case studies
  • Video tutorials
  • Social media posts

The list can go on and on, but basically, it comes down to one of the following:

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Visual
  4. Written

Figure out which one you can already do, and figure out how you’re going to do it.

I’m not your dad or anything, but if have a bunch of written articles but don’t have a good microphone and camera, don’t try to turn them into a YouTube video. I don’t have top end shit, but I have passable shit.

Spend a few dollars on passable shit.

youtube repurpose content

What happens when you start repurposing content. Nothing major, but it’s something that was mostly effortless. Some of those viewers came to the website. Probably like 2 of them subscribed.

Do the damn thing

That’s the money. You have the content, you have the plan, so get to it.

Ain’t nothin to it but to do it.

It shouldn’t take that long to create something new out of content previously created, depending on the medium. Start writing, recording, designing, or whatever you plan on doing.

You literally cannot fuck this up.

In the two or so months (honestly I don’t even remember anymore) since I put together a free ebook and threw it on all kinds of websites, it’s had over 300 random downloads.

I even compiled around 30 posts and made a new ebook for sale. 

To recap, here are the steps to repurposing your content:

  1. Find similar posts
  2. Find out what you want to create
  3. Do the damn thing

Big dawgs gotta repurpose.

P.S. I’m actually thinking about the irony of taking an ebook, turning it into a website, and then taking that website’s content and turning it back into an ebook to give away and sell.