Power of Glutamine


Glutamine is the most common and abundant amino acid found in your muscles, and some say the MOST IMPORTANT amino acid. Not only for building muscle but for your immune system. It plays many crucial roles in the body.

With it being the most abundant amino acid in the muscles at 61%, it shows that with supplementation it can slow the breakdown of muscle tissue. Which allows your body to stay in an anabolic state longer, in turn, builds more muscle.

 At the same time as preventing muscle tissue breakdown, Glutamine is made up of 19% Nitrogen. I know that 19% seems like a small amount when you think of percentages but on the contrary. It’s the primary transporter of Nitrogen for the bodies skeletal muscles.

When hitting the gym for some iron therapy you can diminish you Glutamine levels severely.

Depleting your Glutamine levels your stamina, strength, and recovery rate goes with it. Without supplementation, it has been shown to take up to six days for full recovery.

The problem with that is not only is Glutamine key in recovery but it is also is crucial in protein synthesis. With no protein synthesis, no muscle building.

As a side note Glutamine also as a role in cell volumizing, protein metabolism and your bodies ability to secrete the all mighty HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Being the universal soldier for the human body, Glutamine is well known for its anti-catabolic properties. So, with its ability to secrete HGH and fight the breakdown of your muscle tissue, you can’t go wrong.

HGH helps the body metabolize body fat and support your new muscle growth. If your body can’t stay in an anabolic state then the HGH does no good in helping with muscle building. With Glutamines anti-catabolic ability in preventing muscle breakdown, it will allow the HGH to work longer in repairing the muscle tears by using your stored body fat as energy.

When you are looking to build muscle you want to supplement with Glutamine 2-3 times per day equaling out to be 10-15 grams. Each serving should be around 5 grams, and taken in the morning upon wakening, post workout, and or at night before you pass out. These are all points where your body are at its most vulnerable point in muscle building and in a catabolic state.

Benefits of Glutamine:

  • Increased protein synthesis, allowing your body to continue building muscle and suppress the speed at which your body breaks down the muscle.
  • Anti-catabolic properties
  • Supplementing with Glutamine has been shown to increase your bodies ability to secrete more HGH(Human Growth Hormone).
  • Helps with burning fat and preserve muscle tissue, great for cutting phase of a diet.
  • Improves performance and recovery
  • Improves protein metabolism

Not only is Glutamine a great asset to muscle building but it is also great for immune function. Can’t build any muscle if your ass is sitting at home with a cold.

 Just as in the case of creatine, Glutamine has not been shown to have negative side effects. You have to remember through a healthy diet you are taking in Glutamine as you go. This does not mean go ahead and take 50 grams per day. Your body has limits and will only use so much and you piss out the rest. As you progress on with the weights and the soreness increases you can add a few grams based on your progression.

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