New Niche Site Social Media Strategy

For the most part, when starting a new niche website, you don’t really need to sit on social media. Unless, of course, that is your traffic generating strategy. For me, I prefer SEO as a free way to get traffic.

With that being said, my social media strategy for a new website isn’t much of a strategy at all. When you start out, there’s no reason to post five times on Twitter over the next three days, primarily because you have no followers.

If you wanted to see what it looks like to talk to yourself, just take a peek at my YouTube page.

So here’s how I play out my social media game when I start a new site.

Note: This is primarily for websites that are using SEO and SEM to gather website visitors. If you’re doing PPC ads on any platform go read something else.

The Three Automatic Post Places


As soon as you register a new domain, you should be looking to hop on as many social platforms as possible. But the thing is, when you have zero followers, there’s not much interaction going on. That’s why I have my WordPress sharing settings to automatically post to Twitter after I hit publish.

Then that’s it. I don’t touch it. I don’t do any bullshit follow-1,000-people-and-unfollow-those-that-don’t-follow-back plan (anymore: case in point, my personal Twitter). If I wanted vanity metrics to follow, I would brag about how many average words per article my niche site has (ahem, 1079 thank you very much).

What’s better, 1,000 followers that don’t interact at all or 100 followers and you get 20% interaction on every update?


Just like Twitter, unless you’re doing PPC ads on Facebook, in the beginning, it’s just about setting up the business page and automatically posting. Wait until you start getting organic likes and shares before posting on dumb pictures of cats.


I don’t fart around on Tumblr because my hair is the same color as my eyebrows and I’m not a victim, but I know it garners a bit of traffic.

Now we’re stuck in a sort of paradoxical predicament. If you don’t post more than articles who will follow your page, and if you have no followers why post more than just articles? Email marketing and I did a little something called a contest to increase followers, likes, attention, engagement, etc.

Using KingSumo, people enter their e-mail to enter the giveaway. To earn more entries, they can follow you on Twitter and like your Facebook page. This works best if you are getting at least 50 organic visitors per day. Also, make sure the prize is hyper niched down to your website visitors needs. Don’t do something generic like an Amazon gift card. You’ll get a whole lot of bots and lonely retired women entering your contest.

The Manual-ish Post Spot


I don’t use Pinterest in my personal life, but I know it’s damn good for generating traffic to your website. It’s easily one of the largest search engines on the internet. After I publish a post, I go to the page and pin it on a few boards. Not automatic, but takes eight seconds after hitting publish.

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

The Manual Post Spot


What? YouTube isn’t social media…for the most part. Yeah, that’s true, but it’s a damn great way to generate traffic to your new website.

You don’t even need to make high-quality videos. In my previous niche website, I would use Camtasia to record me reading directly from the articles. Doesn’t matter, though, one of those videos generated nearly 1,000 views in a month.

This can be done in less than 20 minutes and continue generating traffic for years to come. Or if you’re not a dirtbag like me you can actually spend some time on your videos.

Well folks, there you have it.

That’s my social media gameplan when starting niche websites. Don’t waste your time on the dumb shit and start pumping out content.

Big dawgs gotta focus