Niche Site Journey: June 2016 Stats

What’s going on folks? A little late, but it close enough to the first of the month, so here’s the June 2016 niche site update.

So far this year, the sites been seeing some major growth. Like I’ve said previously, I didn’t have any experience creating a website from scratch, so it’s a major experiment.

Here’s the YouTube video of the monthly reviews.

The Website

I started out with an eBook I wrote back in 2014, broke down the chapters into long posts, and went from there. Starting off creating a dozen or so pillar posts, those posts laid the foundation for the rest of the website.

Maybe someday I’ll expose the website. Right now I’m keeping it under wraps because there is so little competition. For the record, Amazon affiliates make up less than 1% of my overall revenue so far.

So it’s not a review site.

The Stats and Progress


So for the month of June, I had 9 articles written. No, I don’t write the articles myself. I found a writer that also has experience in the industry to write for the websites at a great rate.

The articles are between 500 and 700 words a piece.

Right now they’re being created for the sake of having new content put out a few times a week.


According to SemRush, as of June 30th, I was ranking for 420 (blaze it) keywords. This is up from the 289 on June 1st. An increase of 131 keywords in the 5th month sounds like a good deal to me.

  • On June 1st I had 2 keywords in the top 3. On June 30th I had 5.
  • On June 1st I had 5 keywords in the 4-10 position. On June 30th I had 17.
  • On June 1st I had 33 keywords in the 11-20 position. On June 30th I had 34.

Everything after that really doesn’t matter much, because honestly…who goes to the 4th page of google.


  • 3,079 visitors | increase of 941 from May
  • 5,675 pageviews | increase of 2038 from May
  • 70% bounce rate | decrease of 7.13% from May
  • 1.66 pages/session | increase of .13 from May
  • 1:47 average session duration | increase of 32 seconds from May

So as you can see, everything is still moving up in the world. That bounce rate going down means people are clicking around, which is great. We’re in the below-average bounce rate category (you want a lower bounce rate) depending on what reference you’re using since the average is between 41% and 55%.



  • Affiliate program 1: $200.00
  • Affiliate program 2: $7.89
  • Affiliate program 3: $6.00
  • Affiliate program 4: $1.21


  • Articles: $90

Total revenue: $215.10
Total expenses: $90
Income: $125.10


5th whole month and I brought in over $200. Serious, if this continues either exponentially or logarithmically I’ll be making a pretty penny by the end of the year.

Random number crunching: I earned about 7 cents for every visitor last month and about $7.17/day. Historically, I’ve earned between 5 and 7 cents per visitor. That may be a great metric to go off of if it remains consistent.

For the month of July, I’ll be creating an automated e-mail sequence for the mailing list signups. Right now I’m sitting on about 64 users that have opted into my mailing list.

It’s just a matter of figuring out what to do with them now.

Also, I’ll be releasing a new article every 3 days or so. I’m shooting for 5-10 total.

Big dawgs gotta SEO