Not Reading, Getting Craig’d, Ron English

Not Reading Is there possibly a bigger relationship deal breaker than when someone tells you they do not read? I mean, besides being rude to restaurant staff, smoking heroin, not having a sense of humor, flaking, smelling bad, having no aspirations, being bad at spelling, being a liar, or being a terrorist. Shit’s not a … Read more

Advertising to Post-9/11 Veterans

Describing Post-9/11 Veterans One of the best words to describe post-9/11 veterans is irreverent. Donny O’Malley, the creator of VetTV, started using this when he began making YouTube comedy skits. Unlike veterans before us, we laugh at the things we should be afraid of. Nothing is sacred. We poke fun at death. Laugh in otherwise … Read more

Politics and Comedy, Gatekeepers, Future Funk

Politics and Comedy The worst bit in comedy is anything political, especially when specials are being filmed. I was watching a throwback special, by a certain Katt Williams: It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin. One of his first bits was him going on about how Bush was as the president and how Hillary Clinton couldn’t hold down ol’ … Read more

Using Amazon KDP for Lead Generation by Re-Purposing Content

So you have these articles, and they’re ranking for a few keywords each. You’re getting that juicy organic traffic. But you want more. You want to spread the word about your website, and what better way than to get your content on Amazon. Getting your content on Amazon is fairly easy to do yourself, or … Read more

New Niche Site Social Media Strategy

For the most part, when starting a new niche website, you don’t really need to sit on social media. Unless, of course, that is your traffic generating strategy. For me, I prefer SEO as a free way to get traffic. With that being said, my social media strategy for a new website isn’t much of … Read more