Stop Turning the Word Adult into a Verb

Let’s cut to the chase. If you use the word “adulting”, whether serious or in jest, you should probably just try growing the fuck up.

Go on Twitter and search for the word adulting. Do you know what I see when I do it?

A whole bunch of goobers thinking that their lives are hard because they have responsibilities. 

And I will put money on it that no matter what time you check, it will be an endless stream of whining 22-year-olds that think making coffee is hard. Because they’re bitching about such trivial, regular life shit, it probably is the hardest thing they do all day.

Serious, if you want to take a gander into the thoughts of what you thought only existed on television, click here.

Adulting sucks when every single paycheck goes towards car payments, gas, and rent

Get a better job.

Woken up & fallen back asleep 3 times trying to edit my stupid cover letter…. why must adulting be so real

So you can get a job and complain about going to it every day.

Getting married. So I bought a microwave. #Adulting

A $20 purchase for all the frozen dinners she’ll buy because she can’t cook.

Since when did it become cool to act like such a little whining child? At what point did it become cool to put yourself on blast and let every know you have a hard time growing up?

And I don’t give a shit if it’s used humorously. It’s not that funny.

No one cares that you ate ice cream for dinner. No one cares that you paid your rent on time. No one cares that you vacuumed or did your laundry.

Why? Because everyone does those things.

If you do use the word adulting serious, you need to reevaluate your existence.