Sup, it’s Uncle Josh

Hi All,

My name is Josh and I want to start off saying, I don’t give two shits if you agree with me or not because at the end of the day your dumb ass is still reading this shit. I have been through hell and experienced some things that most shouldn’t have to. I don’t say this as an excuse but as my drive for every single day I wake up. Too many kids these days sitting around crying like a bunch of six-year-olds about how their mommy and daddy don’t love them enough. Instead of sitting around all day you got your dead ass off that couch for more than a shit and some food they might actually consider taking your goofy ass out in public. I hate it when I am in public and see a ten-year-old boy/girl and their gut is in the way of seeing their own feet. Those who have excuses or abuse excuses I don’t have time. Excuses are for those who are weak minded/willed.

I grew up with parents who still sent me outside and not to my room. I do believe that there is something to that. I am a personal trainer who has the great luxury of answering some pretty pathetic questions. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t get into this with the idea of becoming rich. I have been training friends and family since age 12. I spent my teen years reading and learning about something I was passionate about. I hardly ever sat down in front of the TV to play video games. Now there were days where we would play but that was either before noon or after midnight. It drives me crazy when I have to formulate or make up some bullshit answer for these people who want the easy way out. It wouldn’t chap my ass so badly if they didn’t always start off with some pussy foot excuse. I hurt my back in high school or I have bad knees from sports (only ever playing 2yrs when you look them up).

I spent most of my free time in a gym from the ages of 12-22 so when I have kids and grown adults complain about how they don’t have time for the gym I want to look them in the face and scream bullshit. I am going to say this as a point and not to brag, I broke my back when I was 20 years from front squatting 405×10. Now I know that might not be a lot of weight to some of you but kiss my ass I was 20 and partying like there was no tomorrow. I look back on it and most days I am absolutely beyond pissed at myself, but then I hear/see kids and adults playing hours of video games or talking about how they finished and entire series on Netflix. For fucks sake please set an example for your kids and get off your ass so future generations don’t look as fucking pathetic as they do now. If you’re a kid get off your ass and lose weight so people as a society can stop paying for your PBA.