Are Your Merch By Amazon Designs Showing Up on Other Websites?

Recently, there was a post on the Merch by Amazon subreddit about someone’s designs being stolen. The designs were appearing on some generic t-shirt¬†selling website, and the original poster was understandably upset. Their precious designs were being jacked! Only, the shirts they saw stolen weren’t. In fact, they weren’t even a victim in the slightest. … Read more

Advertising to Post-9/11 Veterans

Describing Post-9/11 Veterans One of the best words to describe post-9/11 veterans is irreverent. Donny O’Malley, the creator of VetTV, started using this when he began making YouTube comedy skits. Unlike veterans before us, we laugh at the things we should be afraid of. Nothing is sacred. We poke fun at death. Laugh in otherwise … Read more

Using Amazon KDP for Lead Generation by Re-Purposing Content

So you have these articles, and they’re ranking for a few keywords each. You’re getting that juicy organic traffic. But you want more. You want to spread the word about your website, and what better way than to get your content on Amazon. Getting your content on Amazon is fairly easy to do yourself, or … Read more

How to Get Free Traffic (or Create a New Product) Repurposing Content

repurpose content

Alright, check this out. So that glorious niche website I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, I’m experimenting a lot. Someone somewhere gave me the idea to repurpose content for other uses. What does that mean, to repurpose content? Basically, if you write a blog post, you also make a YouTube video about the … Read more

Small Business or No Business

PASSION OVER INTELLIGENCE “Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror after you’ve gotten up just write or just put it in lipstick or whatever you want: ‘DELIGHT MY CUSTOMER’ not ‘SATISFY MY CUSTOMER’ Thanks, Warren Buffet That was the last thing I read last night before the lights went out for the evening. Or … Read more

How to Promote Your eBook With NO Following

How to Promote Your eBook With NO Following

Assuming no real following, how are you supposed to promote your ebook? So you finally finished uploading your book on KDP, D2D, etc., and now you want the world to know about your literary masterpiece. Unfortunately, for most completely new writers, their following of loyal readers is a goose egg. Zero. Nada. 0. How are … Read more