Using Amazon KDP for Lead Generation by Re-Purposing Content

So you have these articles, and they’re ranking for a few keywords each. You’re getting that juicy organic traffic. But you want more. You want to spread the word about your website, and what better way than to get your content on Amazon. Getting your content on Amazon is fairly easy to do yourself, or … Read more

How to Get Free Traffic (or Create a New Product) Repurposing Content

repurpose content

Alright, check this out. So that glorious niche website I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, I’m experimenting a lot. Someone somewhere gave me the idea to repurpose content for other uses. What does that mean, to repurpose content? Basically, if you write a blog post, you also make a YouTube video about the … Read more

Fiction Versus Nonfiction and Self-Publishing

fiction versus nonfiction selfpublishing

What is the difference between self-publishing fiction and nonfiction? Assuming you’re outsourcing and doing no marketing outside of releasing the next book, there is a huge difference between fiction and nonfiction sales over time. I like to call fiction a firework and nonfiction a candle. For fiction, you get a huge amount of sales in … Read more

eBook Marketing for First-Time Authors and Self-Publishers

eBook Marketing for First-Time Authors and Self-Publishers

I’ve been on Reddit and TheFastlaneForum lately and it seems like so few people actively think about marketing their new masterpieces. Of those that do think about it, many find it the most difficult part of self-publishing. Without further ado, here’s eBook marketing for both first-time authors and self-publishers. The 4 Ps of Marketing Your eBook … Read more

The Real Start of the $1,000 eBook Challenge

The Real Start of the $1,000 eBook Challenge

So today officially starts the $1,000 eBook Challenge. What is the $1,000 eBook Challenge? With a $1,000 budget, I’m going to see how much money can I make publishing eBooks in 6 months. I will be keeping track of my journey for you to learn what to do (or not do). I finally received the first … Read more