Top 10 Vices Given Up For #NoNothingNovember

After the announcement of this years #NoNothingNovember, posts came flooding in on Reddit with people saying what they wanted to give up. If you need help deciding what it is you want to give up, here’s a helpful list of what other men are planning on giving up for #NoNothingNovember. It shouldn’t be a shocker what number 1 is (I’ll give you a hint, it’s porn).

10. Drugs These men are sick of smoking pot, popping prescription pills, and generally gettin yucky wit da boys.

9. Shopping Turns out, shopping on Amazon with nothing in particular to buy is an issue.

8. Procrastination Nothing like waiting until the last minute to accomplish whatever thing you needed to get done, that you knew about since a month ago. What’s that, something about general laziness? Don’t worry, I heard it too.

7. Tobacco Ah, the good ol’ dip and cigs. One and not the other usually, or both if you’re feeling froggy. I started smoking during my first 12-on, 12-off shift in the Marines. Needed to do something to stay awake from 8 at night until 8 in the morning with no time for preparation. I survived it, but still need to kick the habit. If I do the math correctly I’d probably save damn near $80 a month by not smoking, $130 could be saved on cigarettes by excluding drinking too (for some reason when I get thrashed I chain heaters like it’s my 7th job). I will be giving up this vice for #NoNothingNovember.

6. Video Games People like to play video games. Lets them escape from their shitty lives and experience happiness through virtual reality. Protip: if you want to quit playing video games, sell your console or uninstall them. That or rely on willpower.

5. Sleep Better/Sleep More Something I’ve been adopting is waking up earlier than the rest of the world. There’s a quote that’s used in every military in the world that says “We do more before 9 AM than most people do all day”. For me personally, I can get a whole lot more done by waking up at 5 AM than 7:30 or 9. And what happens when you wake up early? You go to bed early or risk feeling like shit the next day/snoozing in 5-minute intervals for another 2 hours. If you want a great night of sleep, but don’t have a full 8 hours to dedicate, look into sleep cycles. What I also like to do is set an alarm for an hour and a half before my regular alarm, that way I get 1 more solid sleep cycle in before I get to wake up.

4. Alcohol That magic potion that steals happiness from the next day. Not surprising at all, there’s a cycle of not being able to wait til Friday for whatever drink special, getting obliterated, feeling like shit all day Saturday, then doing it all again for Saturday night. I know, because I used to do it. Used to as in last weekend. Matter of fact, last night was the first time ever I went out to the bars to drink water and watch my friends get hammed up. Felt good spending $0 all night long. Turns out water is free! Don’t know the next I’ll be doing that though, drunk people are really fucking annoying.

3. Shit Food Anyone else getting tired of eating the same old fast food joints, greased up and feeling like shit for hours afterward? Give it up, fix your diet a bit. A lot of men are resorting to special diets, be it the steak and eggs diet, keto, or paleo eating. Anything to not feel like shit, lose the love handles, and even save a penny in the process. I’ll be eating steak and baked potatoes all month long because it’s delicious. Unfortunately, not great cuts of meat, though.

2. Media Binging This include surfing the internet, reading pointless article after article. It includes binge watching Friends on Netflix, going through an entire season a day. Video games are already on the list, but if you’re spending your entire evenings jamming out the new Halo or Grand Theft Auto, you could give it up for the challenge. I guess when it’s at your fingertips it’s easy to say “shit, I’m bored, what should I do?”. Hell, I do the same thing. As I’m writing this, I put on some B-movie from Amazon Prime to play in the background. Shit, back to writing.

The number one spot goes to…

Porn Huh, who would have figured. It’s funny because half of the people lumped masturbation with porn and the other half kept them separate. It’s up to your preference whether you can have one without the other. For me, they go hand in hand. I mean, you can have one without the other, but what’s the point?


Anyways, here was a list of the top 10 vices given up for #NoNothingNovember. What are your 3 vices you’re going to give up?