Uncomfortable Causes Change-Push the Limits

Exercising at home may be the most convenient option when it comes to fitness aspirations. Let’s be honest, convenience will only go so far. In order to reach your goals, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Push your limits and find your passion for all things fitness.

There are only so many pieces of equipment you can use in the comfort of you own home. Kettlebells, bands, and dumbbells are a few options. You might want to start doing some research on different techniques, tempo, and variations of the exercise.

History has shown that being uncomfortable results in a change for the better. Stepping out of your comfort zone causes you to learn and educate yourself. No one ever achieved their fitness goals repeating the same workout day in and day out. Push the limits of what your body can do. Waking up in the morning should have you feeling uncomfortable and sore.

Find your happy place with being uncomfortable! Imagine yourself at the bottom of a squat or mid pull of a deadlift. Only one word can describe this feeling, UNCOMFORTABLE. To no surprise deadlifts and squats cause the best overall growth and strength.



Although working out in the comfort of your own home gives you freedom to pick and choose your workout time, there is one crucial problem. In 99% of all failures, the key problem is ACCOUNTABILITY! What is holding you true to your word, commitment, and goals?

Inevitability you will find an excuse along the way:

  • Kids
  • I’m tired
  • Homework
  • Bored with the workout
  • Not enough time
  • Ect…


Going down and joining the gym is going to be the biggest investment in yourself and reaching your overall goals. Having to pay the monthly membership should be enough to keep you motivated. Not only the money, you will be surrounded with people who have the same aspirations and goals as yourself.

Those who have had the ups and downs throughout their fitness journey know the importance of going to a gym. Most will give credit to the gym that they have been going to over the last few years and swear by it. You build relationships and those in your close circle will begin to hold you accountable. Others will notice when you are gone or decide to skip a day and you are no longer just holding yourself to a higher standard.

Don’t just go pick the cheapest gym out there! Find a gym that has equipment you can utilize in your workout program or advance your program to the next level. If it is a “fitness club”, probably shouldn’t be joining it! Fitness clubs are for those who have been around for a good amount of time and use them for “fun” workouts.



Gyms out there will put the idea out there that the minute you join and sign the line that is dotted you’re already down seven pounds. It takes just as much effort as it does time. You need to fully invest in yourself to get the results you see those around you are getting.

Most so called experts will say that you should in order to see results exercise twenty minutes three times per week. According to research that is out there, the average gym membership owner will only go on about one time per week. Stats also show that somewhere around two-thirds of people who go out and get a membership won’t ever step foot in the gym again.

Let’s heat it up a little more, anywhere from fifty to sixty percent of people who do decide to invest in themselves by getting a membership will quit after six months. Now hopefully you are not one of the individuals above and just add to the statistics. Invest in yourself and find a career gym!


Patience is key! Every week look to improve on one little thing from the past week. Getting hung up on max numbers is not the ultimate goal in the beginning. Having weekly goals is vital. The first goal is getting that membership. Once that is completed there is nowhere to go but up. Have fun with it and enjoy the process, PLEASE!!!