How I Sell My Books for Cash

I used to take pride in having a bookshelf full of books I would partially read and then stick them next to other books of a similar size. They’re loads of fun to carry when moving as well.

Like I’m really going to read about Microeconomics again.

I liked that I had an old school gaming system (Super Nintendo)…even if I never played it.

I liked having a bunch of microphones and other music equipment collection dust and being used as decorative pieces.

What I like even more is that I have a few hundred dollars’ worth of books up for sale on Amazon, a few hundred dollars’ worth of video games up for sale on Amazon, and a few thousand dollars’ worth of electronics up for sale on Amazon.

I’ve replaced my shelves of books with shelves of padded envelopes and packing labels.

I guess what I’m really trying to do is get rid of all the clutter that I’ve held onto for so long. $2,000 to experiment with in a new endeavor does a lot better than 2,000lbs of paper and plastic.

Here’s a snapshot of my Amazon Seller account, after setting it up on Sunday:

Amazon Sales After 2 Days
Amazon Sales After 2 Days

That’s over $100 of books and games I had sitting on my shelves collecting dust over the last few years, and all it takes is a 10 minute trip to the post office every day!

If you want to start selling some of your lesser used items, head over to Amazon Sellers where you can setup a free account today and start selling tomorrow.

Feels good, man.