Muscle Snatch Tips

Step 1: Initial Start Position

  • stand straight up straight with your chest out and barbell in your hands. You want your hands at or a little wider than shoulder width.
  • Stick your chest out while pulling your shoulders back
  • With the barbell snug against your hips push them back
  • Allow the barbell to move down to the middle of your thigh, all while keeping the barbell against your body
  • Shoulders over the bar and weight shifted into your heels

Step 2: Power Shrug

  • Get into start position
  • Drive your feet into the ground as if you were to do a vertical jump
  • Once you have jumped then simultaneously shrug the barbell all while keeping the barbell close to your body.

Step 3: Recieving Position

  • Again begin in the start position
  • From here you will perform an upright row while keeping your elbows high
  • As the bar approaches the height of your chin you will drop under the bar and drive it upwards toward the ceiling
  • Lock arms with the weight above your head and the bar slightly positioned behind the head in line with those hips
  • Core tight
  • Weight firmly planted in the ground

Step 4: Bring It Home

  • Take steps 1-3 and put it all together
  • OH I guess I should tell you to stand up also just in case you forget to do so