Banter: Typical Make Money Online Chump

This guy is a goober. I don’t know why but this guy really struck a nerve with me. Everything about his post screams ‘I’m in it for the money and will do any bullshit to get there’. Just a typical make money online chump.

I wish I could be as cool on Quora as I am on Onyx Defiant
Hell, he included scam in the category tags.

Let’s break down his post sentence by damn sentence.

The Title

Is it legit to give away someone’s ebook?

Ok, I was curious at this point, scrolling through Quora seeing if I had a solution to someone’s problem. This one caught my attention and went quickly downhill.

The First Line

Looking to build a blog to help starters earn money online.

Oh, one of these folks. He’s been reading too much on Pat Flynn and wants a piece of the pie. No problem man, but I can already tell you don’t know what you’re doing if you are asking questions now. Something about the blind leading the blind.

I want to build a mail list, and thinking of collecting e-mails by giving away an ebook.

Okay, that’s a very common way of collecting e-mails. Makes sense to me, having a lead magnet. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I haven’t written any ebook, myself.

So the guy is going to write one and give it away, not a bad gig. There are plenty of resources for writing your own eBook floating around, can’t be hard to find one. Hell, even if English isn’t his first language he will be able to find resources to help him with that.

Will it be fine if I give away someone’s, which I also got for free?

Say what? On what planet would that be okay to do? I assume what he means is take their eBook, claim it as his own, and using it to generate leads.

Here’s an option (which I refrained from posting on his question): compile a list of eBooks people should read, and give that away in exchange for an e-mail address. It’s a win-win for both you and the person whose eBook you’re recommending.

You get your download, all of them get their download. Seems ethical to me.

Or you could actually write a damn eBook yourself.

Big dawgs gotta write.