Merch Informer Review: Make More Money with Amazon

So you want to get serious about your Merch by Amazon sales?

Are you sick and tired of spending too much time doing keyword and design research?

There’s a solution for that!

Hacky sales copy aside, Merch Informer is a new tool that hooks you up with just that: saves you a boatload of time doing keyword research so you can pump out more shirt designs.

Note: Neil from, the creator of the tool, hooked me up with an account as a test run. 

So with that being said, here’s a good old fashion review for the tool.


The Good

You’re going to save some time

If you’re in Merch to make money, you probably do a lot of research to figure out what will sell. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. But damn if it doesn’t take up time that could be spent doing something better.

Merch Informer takes about 20 seconds to bring up 100 results, with rankings, descriptions, and an image. It would take about 100 times that much time to do it on your own.

Don’t waste your time.

It’s not hard to use at all

I made a video of the very first time logging into the program and not following any tutorials. Within 15 minutes I knew my way around the software and could successfully query up potential niches.

Check it out here.

The interface is simple. There is nothing insanely difficult about how to conduct research. If you’ve used Google before, you can use this as well.

No limit to research

I haven’t reached it yet if there is one, but I have searched about 20 terms now with no warnings or anything telling me to slow down.


At $10 per month, you only have to sell 2-3 shirts a month to recoup the investment. If you’re one of those folks that see this as an expense instead of an investment you need to chiggity check yourself.


The Bad

Now, a lot of flack that Merch uploaders get/read about/whatever is that the designs they use are uninspired, unoriginal, whatever. People can argue that this tool could be used for “evil” by directly copying someone else’s design, but those people probably think that there should be a ban on guns.

That’s the only downside I can see from this, but those users who do upload stolen artwork will get dealt with by the iron fist that is Amazon.


Who should buy this tool?

  • People that sell more than three shirts in a month.
  • Rookies who are not good at doing keyword and design research.
  • People that conduct a shitload of keyword and design research and send those ideas to designers en masse.

Who should not buy this tool?

People that design based on what they want, not what the market wants. A lot of the shirts I’ve done have been because I was bored and was farting around in PhotoShop. For some reason, some fools actually bought those shirts and now I’m making some money every month.

…but I might convert to the mass producing side of things, especially now that 90% of the actual work is taken out of the equation.

Guess what? You get a 3-day free trial so you can test the waters and see if it’s something that’s beneficial to you.

Check out Merch Informer here and make up your mind yourself.