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Niche Authority Site Versus Niche Review Site

December 16, 2016 Justin Charnell

Sup folks. Spending some time on forums and stuff, there seems to be a debate about whether creating an authority site or a review site is better. In my completely biased opinion, the authority website wins. Here’s why. The Review Website If you’ve ever done a search for “best [whatever]”, you’ve probably stumbled upon an [CONTINUE READING]

niche site journey june 2016
Niche Site

Niche Site Journey: June 2016 Stats

July 6, 2016 Justin Charnell

What’s going on folks? A little late, but it close enough to the first of the month, so here’s the June 2016 niche site update. So far this year, the sites been seeing some major growth. Like I’ve said previously, I didn’t have any experience creating a website from scratch, so it’s a major experiment. [CONTINUE READING]

How to Find Freelance Writers

How to Find Freelance Writers

September 14, 2015 Justin Charnell

What’s going on folks? I have spent a lot of time over at TheFastlaneForum answering questions, mostly through PM, about various aspects of self-publishing and outsourcing. I figure if I get asked the same questions over and over again on there, it must come up from time to time. So without further nonsense, let me get [CONTINUE READING]