Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”1943979006″ locale=”US” src=”https://onyxdefiant.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/511iisSXMjL.jpg” tag=”onyxdefiant-20″ width=”312″]Do you want a real life glimpse into what it’s like being a Marine? Not just any Marine, but Marine Lieutenant Donny O’Malley. This is a no frills book about what it’s really like to be a grunt.

You might have Marine friends who’ve told you stories about all the fun they’ve had. This book tells you what it’s like to have a shitty time.

Operation Branding Iron Part 2.1A is gritty, disgusting, vile, horrible, and if you were in the Marine Corps it really takes you back to the best and worst time.

Even if you were a boot POG like me.

Because regardless if anyone wants to admit it, we all do or did the same shit in our off time. What we do or did at work differed greatly, but when it was down time, we made our own entertainment.

Most of that entertainment was pretty vulgar and disgusting. Homoerotic in some cases. That’s the Marine Corps for you.

I mean, just check out the warning message before you even start the book.

If you’re a pussy, if you think you know how warriors should behave without being a warrior yourself, or are easily offended, I don’t want your money, so put this book down now and ask for a refund, because it is not for you. If you do decide to turn the page after this warning, do so with the understanding you’re never going to look at a Marine Corps recruiting commercial the same again, because you’ll know how disgusting we really are, and how disgusting we need to be in order to laugh as we maim other human beings and then step on their skulls.

Oh, and then come bak into societ and expect to be normal. Yeah, that’s a fuckin’ joke.

4 sentences that sum up the content of the book, easily. It’s real, no bullshit.

I bought this book when I bought The White Donkey. It was at the bottom of Amazon, in one of those “other people bought this, so you should to0”. I gave in and do not regret it.

If you want a sample of the kind of content in this book, just watch this quick video of Donny. If you find it entertaining, get the book.

After every story, there is a somber dedication to a Marine who decided to take his own life.

This is followed up with a challenge or a dare of sorts, something along the lines of text your friend you haven’t talked to in a while “sup bro, I miss your fingers in my ass”.

(Some of which I actually did and was met with responses from “what the fuck, man?” to “yeah, that’s chill”. Great friends)

The only downside is it’s such a small book. Length wise it’s good to go, but the physical size is small.

We got big hands over here, man.

Final verdict?

Read it, embrace it, and reminisce about all the great times you had in the Corps.

If you weren’t in the military, read it, embrace it, and never look at another service member the same.

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