fiction versus nonfiction selfpublishing

Fiction Versus Nonfiction and Self-Publishing

June 10, 2016 Justin Charnell

What is the difference between self-publishing fiction and nonfiction? Assuming you’re outsourcing and doing no marketing outside of releasing the next book, there is a huge difference between fiction and nonfiction sales over time. I like to call fiction a firework and nonfiction a candle. For fiction, you get a huge amount of sales in [CONTINUE READING]

No Picture

A Day in Pattaya

October 19, 2015 Justin Charnell

“Josh, you need a job, dude.” Josh didn’t really need a job. He was collecting checks from the government every month for his post-deployment disability. Josh didn’t have a disability. He found an untestable way to get 70% disability from the VA by claiming anxiety, allowing him to get a check every month for around [CONTINUE READING]