Beginners Workout For All

This program doesn’t matter if you literally a gym virgin or stepping back into the gym after a few weeks or months off. Picking up right where you left off or where you would like to think you are will do you no justice. Starting off with all your bad habits only to reinforce them as you go.

It takes anywhere from 21 to 70 days to either break your bad habits or build upon new habits. In the first four weeks, we will be using dumbbells often to build a strong core, find weak spots, and developing equal strength throughout the body.

Now unlike most beginner programs we are going to stick with the same exercises for the first four weeks. The purpose behind this measures true progression. Switching exercises every week for so-called muscle confusion only works when you have built a solid base of strength and a solid routine over the years. You don’t see the strongest males/females at the gym doing different shit every time they step into the gym. They have pushed their bodies to the max and have a true strength base so that is the point where you can start to do the same. Until then keep your ass on the schedule and build your strength habits.

Walking into the gym on day one to lay down and hit a one rep bench max gives you what? Bragging rights? You only ask how they bench when they have a huge chest or walking around ripped. Either way, you didn’t see them hitting a one rep max so obviously that’s not what got them there.

Your first four weeks are not about putting up numbers so you can tell all your facebook friends or post some dumbass picture on Instagram. I mean that will all come but let’s leave that for after week twelve. It is about developing proper movement patterns, neuromuscular adaptations, and to build and overall base. Your body needs to be primed for the stress you are about to put it through over the next few months. There will be changes in your hormones, metabolism, and bone density. IT TAKES TIME.

3 Day Workout


3 Day Workout (1)


3 Day Workout (2)

Follow this guideline for the next four weeks and don’t get all big-headed by adding more weight, sets, reps. This will do you no justice in the long run. Of course, you can add cardio in on your days off from the weights. Do yourself a favor and stay from walking on the treadmill for mindless hours, hit some sprints, prowler pushes, hill runs. Days of steady state cardio are over.

Stay Safe & Push Yourself

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