Uncomfortable Causes Change-Push the Limits

May 24, 2017 Josh Krause

Exercising at home may be the most convenient option when it comes to fitness aspirations. Let’s be honest, convenience will only go so far. In order to reach your goals, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Push your limits and find your passion for all things fitness. There are only so many pieces [CONTINUE READING]


Beginners Workout For All

June 21, 2016 Josh Krause

This program doesn’t matter if you literally a gym virgin or stepping back into the gym after a few weeks or months off. Picking up right where you left off or where you would like to think you are will do you no justice. Starting off with all your bad habits only to reinforce them [CONTINUE READING]


Routine To Success: Morning Habits

June 15, 2016 Josh Krause

HABITS are powerful and in some cases life changing, for better or worse.  In today’s world, it feels as if you have zero control. Think again, minus the wonderful 9-5 that you have everything else is under your control. Now let’s take a step in the right direction and make some positive habits and break [CONTINUE READING]


Building a Bigger Bench

May 24, 2016 Josh Krause

It’s all about the setup! with the two different positions, bodybuilder or powerlifter. In my personal opinion, I think that you should learn and train with both. What is the point of having a strong chest and it looking like crap? Utilize both and learn from your body and what it gives you. Powerlifting Form [CONTINUE READING]


Sleep: How many hours do you need?

December 11, 2015 Josh Krause

Eight hours, is that the norm for you? What if I were to look you straight in the face and tell you, You Are Wrong! More than a third of America’s population wakes up in the middle of the night. This experience is called a “Nocturnal Awakening”. Nearly half of those people will remain awake [CONTINUE READING]


Sweet Tooth: How Sugar Works in the Body

December 9, 2015 Josh Krause

As a whole, this country and its waistline are bulging with ignorance. You can run to just about anyone these days and ask them what causes you to gain weight, and you will give some generic answer about carbs. They will tell you to stay away from bagels, rice, and pasta because there are too many [CONTINUE READING]