Put In The Work

Instant gratification!

With being a personal trainer and working at a nutritional supplement store I get a lot of people talking about a quick fix or the fast lane to success.

I have a wedding in six or I need to lose 20lbs by the end of the month.

Are you fucking high? How do you possibly think coming to me and putting a demand on your success is going to make it happen? Not only demanding success but you have developed shit habits over the last few decades of your life and you think a magic pill or workout is going to change all of your problems.

Get Real People!

Eating fast food even once a day over the years is going to make you fat. I don’t give a damn how much you work out. The food was not put on this planet to abuse. We use food as fuel and nothing more. There is no reason for you to eat like a pig just because you like the taste of it.

Shoving pop tarts down your pile is not the key to success even if it does fit your fucking macros.

You didn’t see our ancestors driving down the block to Burger King or McDonald’s just because they didn’t feel like cooking that day. They went out and harvested their own fruits and vegetables, hunted the meat they need and used every bit of the animal. There was no discarding of anything because that slab of meat has too much fat on it.

Shut your ass up and eat it.

I had someone the other day who said that because I had six eggs every morning my cholesterol would be high. Please tell me how the healthiest damn thing on this planet is going to give me high cholesterol.

For you, probably because you can’t seem to get your fat ass off the couch.

I mean really, when you go over to third world countries you don’t hear of them dying of half the shit Americans die from. NO, it’s not because they have no way of documenting it or no hospitals.

Everything they eat has come from the earth and not some deep fried basket of ass juice.

Of course, I always get some dumbass rebuttal about how they don’t like it or any other lame ass excuse they come up with. Well, guess what, science doesn’t lie. For christ, they have made documentaries on how bad some of the food is.

How hard is it for you to walk your ass to the kitchen start a flame and throw a steak on there for five damn minutes?

Oh, you can’t afford steak, MY ASS!

I’m 25 years old and can afford to eat steak every day so I know damn well you can do the same.

We have grown as a society based on wants and not needs. Everything has to happen now. Why?

Becoming successful doesn’t happen over night. You have to build a routine/schedule that puts you on the right path. Just waking up every day and daydreaming about the things you want in life doesn’t make it happen.

You actually have to take a bit of action towards those dreams.

Look at the fuckin’ smile on his face.

He didn’t get that smile on his face from daydreaming day in and day out. He went out and made his dream come true (even if it was illegal).

You want the nice house, cars, and six pack it’s going to take time and more effort than just clocking in from 9-5. You have to work your ass off day in and day out. There is no reason to worry about sleep or days off when you have the ambition to be successful.

Want to be a piker? GO FOR IT! Take the next sixty years of your life saving every paycheck only to retire to damn old for any enjoyment.

Alright schlep rock, there are a few things that you need to do in order to achieve success.

A) figure out finances

B) can you actually achieve this goal

C) Get your ass on the grind

Figuring out your finances is nothing difficult unless you are clueless to the world. You simply start off by evaluating your income. How much money do you actually have coming in? If you have a second job, cash saved up, or any other cash you have coming in. Anything you have coming in on a weekly basis or monthly make sure to write it down. Once you have figured out your monthly income, start calculating your expenses.

One of the hardest things to do is be honest about your spending. You really have to evaluate how much of your income is going out. Sit down and look at your fixed expenses. This would include things such as rent, mortgage payment, car payment, insurance, utilities, cable, ext. Now don’t forget about things such as gas for the car, groceries, phone bill, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Now that you have looked through the hardest part you can look at cutting the bacon off. If you are one of those that stops off at Starbucks every day and buys a seven dollar coffee, stop! You can wake up 10-15 minutes early and brew your own coffee. Look at your wants versus your needs. You would be surprised the amount of money you spend on useless shit. Not only that you need to look at any bad habits that you have such as smoking, chew, pop, fast food. These are all things that can be cut out of your life. It won’t be easy at first but will be a huge benefit in the end.

Finally, you have to pay yourself. Yes, that’s right pay yourself. Life throws you curve balls and you never know when you will need “in case” money. Job loss, the car breaks down, or even a financial emergency. It’s best to have 3-6 months in a savings account but even a $1000 or so will help tremendously.

It is important to understand the difference and balance between knowing your limits and what you think your limits are. Of being at the top is ideal, but you don’t start at the bottom and wake up a week later at the top. You must put in the time and effort. If the effort and stress are too much you might have to rethink your goals Learn to expand your knowledge and find more than one thing you are good at.