Uncomfortable Causes Change-Push the Limits

May 24, 2017 Josh Krause

Exercising at home may be the most convenient option when it comes to fitness aspirations. Let’s be honest, convenience will only go so far. In order to reach your goals, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Push your limits and find your passion for all things fitness. There are only so many pieces [CONTINUE READING]


Put In The Work

September 13, 2016 Josh Krause

Instant gratification! With being a personal trainer and working at a nutritional supplement store I get a lot of people talking about a quick fix or the fast lane to success. I have a wedding in six or I need to lose 20lbs by the end of the month. Are you fucking high? How do [CONTINUE READING]


What is Leucine??

June 8, 2016 Josh Krause

Snap Shot Protein synthesis is your highway to building your dream physique. If no protein synthesis then no muscle! By the way of protein synthesis the body takes the lovely steak you just slammed and begins to take the DNA of the protein and in return rebuilds the muscle. Many studies have shown that for [CONTINUE READING]


Indifferent Doesn’t Make You An Asshole

June 1, 2016 Josh Krause

Had a heated debate with the girlfriend the other day and she said that one of my biggest faults is that “I don’t give a damn about anything“. Now at first I was thrown off by this comment but, I realized she hit it right on the nose. Now before you go thinking I’m some narcissistic [CONTINUE READING]


Building a Bigger Bench

May 24, 2016 Josh Krause

It’s all about the setup! with the two different positions, bodybuilder or powerlifter. In my personal opinion, I think that you should learn and train with both. What is the point of having a strong chest and it looking like crap? Utilize both and learn from your body and what it gives you. Powerlifting Form [CONTINUE READING]


Chest Pubes Tapered To My Ball Fro

May 22, 2016 Josh Krause

For those who can have enough balls to look at themselves in the mirror and see that they need a change, here is a start in the right direction. “Chest pubes down to my ball fro” we have all heard that saying for step brothers. Funny thing is, he was onto something there. Indirectly he was [CONTINUE READING]

The Real Start of the $1,000 eBook Challenge

The Real Start of the $1,000 eBook Challenge

December 2, 2015 Justin Charnell

So today officially starts the $1,000 eBook Challenge. What is the $1,000 eBook Challenge? With a $1,000 budget, I’m going to see how much money can I make publishing eBooks in 6 months. I will be keeping track of my journey for you to learn what to do (or not do). I finally received the first [CONTINUE READING]

The $1,000 eBook Challenge Day 1

$1,000 eBook Challenge: Day One

November 11, 2015 Justin Charnell

What turned into an eBook experiment on day zero has turned into an eBook challenge on day one. Maybe it was a Freudian slip, means I did the video before this post, or somewhere in this grape of mine I rationalized that it needs to be a challenge. Either way, the premise is the same: Make [CONTINUE READING]

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