Small Business or No Business


“Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror after you’ve gotten up just write or just put it in lipstick or whatever you want: ‘DELIGHT MY CUSTOMER’ not ‘SATISFY MY CUSTOMER’

Thanks, Warren Buffet

That was the last thing I read last night before the lights went out for the evening. Or so I thought, thanks, Warren Buffet. This small little quote kept me up for hours and had my brain running on a marathon sprint!

It’s simple, almost so simple that you will do as I and rack your brain over this concept.

If it’s to goo to be true, then it is. We have all heard this saying and for some odd reason, we all live by this logic.

If you think about it, major clothing companies have sweat shops all over the third world countries making clothing for $15 and turning around selling them for $100 plus. With that said I bet you have more than one major clothing company in your closet. It doesn’t matter that you know this because at the end of the day you love the clothes.

We as people, shit better yet as a generation has turned everything into a damn scam of sorts. How many times have you heard of some new muscle building formula? Too many for any shits to be given. With the only reason to never believe it is because instead of actually having a true testimonial, they use some photoshop bull. WHY? Make fast money so in five to ten years you have to come up with some other half-ass scam to keep up with your lifestyle.

That’s a little beyond on my point, my point is more along the lines of would you question anything someone sold you as long as you trust the person standing in front of you.


When you walk into a lawyer’s office you are willing to spend the hundreds of dollars an hour for them because you trust that they will get you what you want. They don’t treat you as a degenerate like your waitress at your local Applebee’s. There is no selling to be done as a lawyer, meeting the expectations is why they can charge you whatever they feel like that day.

Listen to what the person has to say. Understand them as a person and they will show you what kind of customer/client they are. Let your customers/clients be your marketing and sales team.

Be happy and excited to see each and every person who walks through the door as they are in all reality, paying your bills. Build a relationship with your client/customer and understand what they truly want. Not what you want to hear in order to sell them on your price/product.

You shouldn’t have to sell shit! Provide information and show them why they are spending their hard earned cash on your business.

Everyone knows that Nike is the best shoe for running, so why would you waste your time selling them on that fact. They already know they want the shoe but they don’t know specifics and there is your selling point. Getting to know them and their specific needs/wants.

Giving up is not an option! If you want something bad enough you will go get it no matter the cost. Don’t get into something you are not passionate about. If you want to be a salesman and try to make money off stupid, then go get a job at a fucking car dealership. Those kinds of people loved to be sold on dumb shit and at the end of the day buy the car because they need the car and don’t want to deal with any more of your high pitched fake happy voice.

Nothing makes a customer/client happier than when they walk into your business and you greet them with their first name. It puts a huge grin on their face and 9/10 they will buy something from you. Send thank you cards to your top customer/clients and a simple $10 gift card will keep them coming back.

At the end of the day, people remember, in the simplest form any business is plain CUSTOMER SERVICE!