Basic Macro Info For Bodybuilders

June 21, 2016 Josh Krause

Congrats! I’ll assume since you are reading this, you have plunged into the four-week endeavor with a start to a new “You”. Through the next four weeks, I hope to teach you a little on nutrition and supplements. Remember that your body is a machine and needs a daily allotment of food(fuel) each day. Now, I [CONTINUE READING]


Learning From Mistakes/Failure

June 16, 2016 Josh Krause

Is nothing going your way? Feel like a failure? Take a step back and breathe because here is a different way to look at things when you are presented with a mistake or failure. Everyone loves to go out and have a good time, now there are the times where you have one too many [CONTINUE READING]


Routine To Success: Morning Habits

June 15, 2016 Josh Krause

HABITS are powerful and in some cases life changing, for better or worse.  In today’s world, it feels as if you have zero control. Think again, minus the wonderful 9-5 that you have everything else is under your control. Now let’s take a step in the right direction and make some positive habits and break [CONTINUE READING]


Small Business or No Business

June 9, 2016 Josh Krause

PASSION OVER INTELLIGENCE “Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror after you’ve gotten up just write or just put it in lipstick or whatever you want: ‘DELIGHT MY CUSTOMER’ not ‘SATISFY MY CUSTOMER’ Thanks, Warren Buffet That was the last thing I read last night before the lights went out for the evening. Or [CONTINUE READING]


What is Leucine??

June 8, 2016 Josh Krause

Snap Shot Protein synthesis is your highway to building your dream physique. If no protein synthesis then no muscle! By the way of protein synthesis the body takes the lovely steak you just slammed and begins to take the DNA of the protein and in return rebuilds the muscle. Many studies have shown that for [CONTINUE READING]


Motivation To Get Your Ass To Workout

June 7, 2016 Josh Krause

We have all been there on a nice weekend looking up diets ad workout programs that we can start up on “Monday”. Come Thursday we have already started the search for a new program or diet because it “doesn’t work”. No way in hell you will obtain any goal in life with that bullshit mindset. [CONTINUE READING]

productivity kangaroo

How to Jack Up Your Productivity

June 3, 2016 Justin Charnell

Recently, I have found myself farting around online for no reason when I knew I had things to do. Thanks, discipline. So what did I do to combat that lethargic feeling? Three super easy things for those who spend too much time doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Create a Schedule I’ve talked about this [CONTINUE READING]


Indifferent Doesn’t Make You An Asshole

June 1, 2016 Josh Krause

Had a heated debate with the girlfriend the other day and she said that one of my biggest faults is that “I don’t give a damn about anything“. Now at first I was thrown off by this comment but, I realized she hit it right on the nose. Now before you go thinking I’m some narcissistic [CONTINUE READING]


Building a Bigger Bench

May 24, 2016 Josh Krause

It’s all about the setup! with the two different positions, bodybuilder or powerlifter. In my personal opinion, I think that you should learn and train with both. What is the point of having a strong chest and it looking like crap? Utilize both and learn from your body and what it gives you. Powerlifting Form [CONTINUE READING]

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