16 Week Progression for Building a Bigger Bench


I know we’re starting off slow and you will be able to do more than this, I know. Don’t freak out, as long as you keep pushing your limits every week the percents will work for themselves. Stop believing that you of all people are going to some how defy science and pick your own percentages. This is tried and true over the years. I have gone through this progression myself and have seen great results. I also have clients that can attest to the fact by not only seeing it in the size of my chest, but their own. I had a client start of with a max of 95lbs and he just rocked out 185lbs.

When you max out make sure it is on a good day or two of rest and pleanty of meals in there, need the carbs. Also, take a good rest period inbetween stes, ther is absolutely no reason to rush through your max. Nothing worse then waching people trying bang out their max in a fifteen minute time frame.

Push yourself every week and continue to grow not only in stength but size and most of all understanding your body’s limits or lack there of. Listen to YOUR body, not what the forums say about your rest periods or how dudes your age are hitting 400lb 1RM. They are not you and they don’t matter, what does matter is improving yourself week in and week out.


*Week 1- 5×10 (60%)
*Week 2- 5×8 (65%)
*Week 3 5×5 (70%)
*Week 4 5×3 (75%)
*Week 5 5×10 (60%)
*Week 6 5×8 (70%)
*Week 7 5×5 (75%)
*Week 8 5×3 (80%)
*Week 9 5×10 (60%)
*Week 10 5×8 (75%)
*Week 11 5×5 (80%)
*Week 12 4×3 (85%)
*Week 13 5×10 (60%)
*Week 14 5×8 (80%)
*Week 15 5×5 (85%)
*Week 16 3×3 (90%)