Niche Site Journey: July 2016 Stats

What’s going on folks? It’s the first of the month, so we’re doing first of the month things. Updates to the main niche site. Still on the up and up, with some major gains being seen … for the most part. Inevitably, here’s the video. The Website I started out with an eBook I wrote … Read more

How to Get Free Traffic (or Create a New Product) Repurposing Content

repurpose content

Alright, check this out. So that glorious niche website I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, I’m experimenting a lot. Someone somewhere gave me the idea to repurpose content for other uses. What does that mean, to repurpose content? Basically, if you write a blog post, you also make a YouTube video about the … Read more

Pay Per Lead (PPL) versus Revenue Share (RevShare)

pay per lead versus revshare revenue sharing

First things first, what are PPL and RevShare? PPL When an affiliate program pays you for signups or registrations. A one-time payment that can scale depending on the location of the person registering. RevShare When an affiliate program pays you a percentage of every purchase a customer makes. This scales in time, most are for a … Read more

New Niche Site Brief Introduction

niche site journey

Hey, what’s going on folks? Let me talk briefly about a new project I’ve been working on for about 2 months now. Basically, anybody that’s been watching the YouTube channel or has been reading the blog knows I’ve been doing books for about two years now coming up in a few days but I really … Read more