eBook Marketing for First-Time Authors and Self-Publishers

eBook Marketing for First-Time Authors and Self-Publishers

January 7, 2016 Justin Charnell

I’ve been on Reddit and TheFastlaneForum lately and it seems like so few people actively think about marketing their new masterpieces. Of those that do think about it, many find it the most difficult part of self-publishing. Without further ado, here’s eBook marketing for both first-time authors and self-publishers. The 4 Ps of Marketing Your eBook [CONTINUE READING]

How I Got Started Self-Publishing

How I Got Started Self-Publishing

November 12, 2015 Justin Charnell

When I tell people what I do to make money, they usually don’t believe me or understand what I mean. “So what is it that you do online?” they ask me. “I sell books.” I like to keep it as short and sweet as possible. If they want to know more I have no problem [CONTINUE READING]

The $1,000 eBook Challenge Day 1

$1,000 eBook Challenge: Day One

November 11, 2015 Justin Charnell

What turned into an eBook experiment on day zero has turned into an eBook challenge on day one. Maybe it was a Freudian slip, means I did the video before this post, or somewhere in this grape of mine I rationalized that it needs to be a challenge. Either way, the premise is the same: Make [CONTINUE READING]

is kdp select worth it

Is KDP Select Worth It?

October 28, 2015 Justin Charnell

Is KDP Select worth it? Heck no. For those of you that don’t know, KDP Select is the program Amazon runs to get authors in on the Kindle Unlimited Program on the Kindle reading device and applications. Please don’t confuse this with KDP as it is. Anyone can publish to Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing without [CONTINUE READING]

How to Write an eBook (1)

How to Write an eBook

September 15, 2015 Justin Charnell

So You Want to Write an eBook? Part 1 of many, I’ll take you through the process I use to write eBooks. Starting with what you should write about, length, figuring out your audience and outline. Content – what are you writing about, what do you know First of all, before you successfully put symbols [CONTINUE READING]