Week One Down of #NoNothingNovember


So here we are, the first week of #NoNothingNovember completely over. Thus far, it’s gone pretty well. I did have some hiccups, but it’s expected in something like this. I can deal with it, though. Just have to roll with the punches, adapt and overcome. To recap, the 3 things I gave up are: Excessive … Read more

Everything Sucks in the Beginning

So do you.

What a cynical title. Boo hoo everything sucks. It’s true. The only thing that sucks worse than starting is starting over again after a juicy hiatus. That’s what I’m dealing with one of my #NoNothingNovember challenges. The 100 pushups, 100 crunches, and 100 air squats everyday challenge. Damn, back in the day when I was in … Read more

The Benefits of Writing Out a Schedule


It’s day 2 into #NoNothingNovember, and I’m already seeing the benefits of writing out a schedule. What’s the point of waking up at 5 AM if there’s nothing to accomplish? That’s right, there isn’t. Anyone that’s been in the military knows how boring and tedious the first few weeks of boot camp are. You’re not … Read more

#NoNothingNovember Game Plan


After careful deliberation (read: decided on a whim), I’m planning on participating and completing #NoNothingNovember. What is #NoNothingNovember? In a nutshell, it’s giving up 3 vices or negative habits for the whole month, and picking up a positive habit or hobby for the month. It’s dedicating oneself to a month of life changing. Good shit if … Read more